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Natalie Slaughter

Writer & Journalist

Novel in progress:



Natalie Slaughter was born in Kansas City, Missouri, raised in Houston, Texas and currently lives in Los Angeles. She loves cats, traveling all over the world, learning languages, politics, defying convention and playing nerd games. Her favorites are anything made by Bioware.

She can often be found reading a book with one of her four cats, attending nerd conventions, or experimenting in the kitchen with a new baking recipe that she's absolutely sure will turn out right this time.



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All Amara ever wanted was a normal life. Nose to the grindstone, study hard, land a solid, respectable job and make enough money to live on every merchant's dream world, New Yakarta. But the universe almost never serves up the life we plan on having, and all it takes is one transit ride, a mercenary accountant and an extremely stubborn contract holder to set Amara's life down a path she'd sworn she'd avoid at all costs.


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